After you get filled to the gills at the Mushroom Fest, you can come grab a seat in the shade to relax for a bit and enjoy some live music.

THE BOBBERS, Fish’n Music

The Bobbers are a band of wacky men from Washington State making music exclusively about fishing. The group consists of Carl Yost (drums), Richard Rydstrand (bass) and Paul Erickson (guitar), with vocals by all.

The Bobbers actually started playing together 23 years ago under the name of The Wise Guys, performing cover songs at clubs in Washington State. As all the members of the band enjoy fishing, they booked gigs at remote locations near places where they could fish by day and perform at night. The band briefly considered doing parodies but thought that would be too easy. Finally the group put two and two together and decided to write all original songs about one of their favorite pastimes, fishing!

The Bobbers will be performing 2 shows per day at the Pacific Northwest Mushroom Festival. Come and check out possibly the only fish’n music band in the world!

IAN DOBSON, Steel Drums

Ian attended Oberlin Conservatory, joined Pan Leggo in Seattle in 1995, and became its leader in 1997. Ian has expanded Pan Leggo’s entertainment offerings to include large and small group sizes, fabulous party activities centered on dancing and singing, and a wide repertoire of “world music” styles.

A Seattle native, Ian has a Master in Music degree and has studied and performed music throughout the world. Ian makes his living as a performer (bandleader and side man), composer/sound designer, and clinician and teacher in world music, jazz, and percussion. His work combines his love of travel, culture, and language with his passion for music and technology.

Ian’s vision is to bring the world together in a small way through music and technology. Catch Ian playing at the Bahama Breeze restaurant and other northwest venues.